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So you think your eCommerce site is good. It probably is. There’s always room for improvement however. Below are a couple of quick do’s and don’ts that can help propel your eCommerce site’s sales performance upwards…

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Tracking retail customer movements using their cell phones – a prerogative or intrusive ?

Global Supply Chain Musings

An article in the New York Times (July 14, 2013) describes an experiment at Nordstrom, after informaring customers, that tracked customers “using the wi-fi signals from their smartphones”. But the cell phones unique signature also permits tracking customer repeat trips, time spent in the store, items purchased etc. But online stores have always stored customer clicks, browsing time, purchased vs considered goods etc. Is the customer tracking in a physical store similar to online tracking of customer choices and therefore a retailer prerogative ? Should the customer be alerted whenever she is being tracked, with approval sought and an incentive provided, for continued tracking ? Should stores send coupons to customers based on their observed shopping interests to increase their reason to shop ? Are there privacy issues that are relevant or is the store a domain that should be permitted to be under retailer control ?

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eCommerce Website Design

Dreamz shore

Tips to Make Your eCommerce Website Design Pleasing

The ever-changing technology has greatly influenced the way, people buy and sell things. Now, people extensively depend on internet to carry out their daily task, including shopping. This is one of the main reasons behind the rapid growth of E-commerce websites. There are several factors that determine the success of an E-commerce website, and the design of the website casts a great impact on the customers. No matter, how much quantity of items you include in the website, people will not bother even to have a look, if the user interface is complicated. It doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice a good eCommerce website design for increasing the sales rate.

An enhanced knowledge about the eCommerce website design will help you to design the website in such a way that it will enable you to create a positive user experience. The…

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How to Increase Conversions Using Social Media Marketing Part 2 – Digital Sales Construction 1-2-3


By Fred Ackourey

Social Media Considerations for Digital Sales Construction

For some social media yields poor sales results, when for others its their bread and butter. In part 2 I will show you how I have found conversion success when using social media marketing as part of a marketing mix to construct online sales.  If you haven’t, please read part 1 of this series as it sets up my definitions.

If you know me or follow this blog you know I am a multichannel marketer.  I believe (as you should) sales don’t happen in one place and last click conversions are a very short sighted way of seeing your market.

In real life sales are constructed using multiple channels of communication, both on and offline.  A small business’ path to conversion can go something like this, words in red represent a customer touch point or point of communication along the…

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Role of enterprise software for E-commerce companies to grow


Technology continues to further at a pace that few can keep up with. Business owners can certainly have a tough time ensuring that their systems are always up-to-date to take benefit of the latest and greatest. However, despite being complex to keep up with technological advancement, these advancements are fundamental to business success.


Any business conditional on e-commerce as part of their revenue stream needs to pay attention to these trends and get ahead of them to stay competitive.

From past few years, e-commerce has come to assert an ever larger part of our lives. For many of us, shopping or buying goods ranging from daily needs to luxuries no longer involves driving to malls miles away and fighting the crowds. Instead, we prefer going to our PCs or smart phones to shop to our heart’s content. None of this would be made possible without e-commerce.

While the era of…

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5 best hosted eCommerce solution


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While open source eCommerce solutions offer significant advantages, many people turns to the hosted eCommerce solution. This is mainly because, on hosted solution you don’t need to hire a designer, developer or bother about hosting. Pick a suitable solution and pay the subscription fees. Rest is taken care by the company. This has a significant advantages over the open source solution: Put all your focus on your business, not on site deploying. Following is the list of 5 really impressive eCommerce  solutions that in their own rights got popular.

bigcommerce  Big Commerce : Big Commerce is one of the widely used hosted eCommerce platform that offers an impressive set of features and makes the eCommerce site maintenance easier. Pick your website template, insert some basic store information, setup your tax, shipping and payment option and add some products; you are ready to sell products in 20 minutes. The neatly designed store offers several customization options including product arrangement, email templates, product details page etc. The rich statistics gives you every bit if what’s happening on the store. No matter if you have few dozens of products or thousands of products, you can easily import them and offer to your customer. Coupon, discount, comprehensive customer profile, order and quote management, administration all are well arranged and neatly present. This is the CMS you should try before deciding any other alternatives. The store ( offers a 14 days free trial with almost all of the feature.

volusionVolusion: Volusion is an easy to use, self maintainable eCommerce solution that can your first choice. Nice store design, site layout maintaining, email templates, multiple products images, neat product details page design, product showcase and powerful features makes it one of the most popular eCommerce Solution in Australia as well as in other countries.  Out of the box customer support, easy store design product creation, rich content management and lots of eCommerce features makes it easy for merchants to focus on his business than maintaining the CMS. They offer a free trial (  which is worth trying.

Determinant of an eCommerce site designing


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What is the single most important page of any eCommerce website? The answer would vary but most of the online store owners would agree that the product details page plays the most important role since this is the page where a customer decides whether to buy the product or to leave it. The product details page mainly describes the product and its benefit, lists down the price and attributes and facilitates the customer to purchase the product. The purpose of a well organized product details page is to illustrate the benefits of a product and is to convince the visitor to add the product to cart in a quick, secure and user-friendly way. There are several determinants of an eCommerce site designing and development including:

Make the site Informative and well organized:

A good eCommerce website organizes information in such a way that a prospective visitor can easily find it and can get clear visualization. A customer will add a product to the cart only if he gets the full picture of what’s been offered.


Engage your customers:

Let customers do something rather than only clicking on the “add to cart” & “checkout” button. The customer engagement is a key point for the long run success of an online business. The customer engagement should be implemented based on the customer group and their online habit. If your store offers t-shirt and most of your customers fall in 15-30 age range, let them design a t-shirt and then order for it. For a toy selling company, a relevant online game can be an impressive customer engaging tool. Add customer profile where customers can add pictures, can change contact details etc.

Avoid links and buttons that open on new tab or window:

Information that can be shown on the same page should never be opened on a separate tab or window. Customers hate to wait for a new page load. Minimize the steps involved to browse through products till final checkout.

Make suggestion:

Customers often purchase products from the product suggested. Relevant products should be shown on the product details page so that the customers know the product offering.

Provide contact information on each page: 

Customers’ loyalty is an important factor for running a successful online store. Provide mail to and contact option on the important pages. Never let the customer feel that s/he is alone on the store and there is none to assist.

Keep the design simple and meaningful:

Excessive use of images and animations should be avoided. Give customers a quick an intuitive shopping experience with a  user-friendly and meaningful design and functionality. Make sure that the site loads faster on the slow connection.

Setting up an effective set of strategies is an important factor for a successful online store. Ask yourself ” Why should a customer buy product from my site?” What’s my unique selling point? Design & setup a store that offers intuitive shopping experience and superior products at a competitive price.