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What is the single most important page of any eCommerce website? The answer would vary but most of the online store owners would agree that the product details page plays the most important role since this is the page where a customer decides whether to buy the product or to leave it. The product details page mainly describes the product and its benefit, lists down the price and attributes and facilitates the customer to purchase the product. The purpose of a well organized product details page is to illustrate the benefits of a product and is to convince the visitor to add the product to cart in a quick, secure and user-friendly way. There are several determinants of an eCommerce site designing and development including:

Make the site Informative and well organized:

A good eCommerce website organizes information in such a way that a prospective visitor can easily find it and can get clear visualization. A customer will add a product to the cart only if he gets the full picture of what’s been offered.


Engage your customers:

Let customers do something rather than only clicking on the “add to cart” & “checkout” button. The customer engagement is a key point for the long run success of an online business. The customer engagement should be implemented based on the customer group and their online habit. If your store offers t-shirt and most of your customers fall in 15-30 age range, let them design a t-shirt and then order for it. For a toy selling company, a relevant online game can be an impressive customer engaging tool. Add customer profile where customers can add pictures, can change contact details etc.

Avoid links and buttons that open on new tab or window:

Information that can be shown on the same page should never be opened on a separate tab or window. Customers hate to wait for a new page load. Minimize the steps involved to browse through products till final checkout.

Make suggestion:

Customers often purchase products from the product suggested. Relevant products should be shown on the product details page so that the customers know the product offering.

Provide contact information on each page: 

Customers’ loyalty is an important factor for running a successful online store. Provide mail to and contact option on the important pages. Never let the customer feel that s/he is alone on the store and there is none to assist.

Keep the design simple and meaningful:

Excessive use of images and animations should be avoided. Give customers a quick an intuitive shopping experience with a  user-friendly and meaningful design and functionality. Make sure that the site loads faster on the slow connection.

Setting up an effective set of strategies is an important factor for a successful online store. Ask yourself ” Why should a customer buy product from my site?” What’s my unique selling point? Design & setup a store that offers intuitive shopping experience and superior products at a competitive price.