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While open source eCommerce solutions offer significant advantages, many people turns to the hosted eCommerce solution. This is mainly because, on hosted solution you don’t need to hire a designer, developer or bother about hosting. Pick a suitable solution and pay the subscription fees. Rest is taken care by the company. This has a significant advantages over the open source solution: Put all your focus on your business, not on site deploying. Following is the list of 5 really impressive eCommerce  solutions that in their own rights got popular.

bigcommerce  Big Commerce : Big Commerce is one of the widely used hosted eCommerce platform that offers an impressive set of features and makes the eCommerce site maintenance easier. Pick your website template, insert some basic store information, setup your tax, shipping and payment option and add some products; you are ready to sell products in 20 minutes. The neatly designed store offers several customization options including product arrangement, email templates, product details page etc. The rich statistics gives you every bit if what’s happening on the store. No matter if you have few dozens of products or thousands of products, you can easily import them and offer to your customer. Coupon, discount, comprehensive customer profile, order and quote management, administration all are well arranged and neatly present. This is the CMS you should try before deciding any other alternatives. The store (http://www.bigcommerce.com) offers a 14 days free trial with almost all of the feature.

volusionVolusion: Volusion is an easy to use, self maintainable eCommerce solution that can your first choice. Nice store design, site layout maintaining, email templates, multiple products images, neat product details page design, product showcase and powerful features makes it one of the most popular eCommerce Solution in Australia as well as in other countries.  Out of the box customer support, easy store design product creation, rich content management and lots of eCommerce features makes it easy for merchants to focus on his business than maintaining the CMS. They offer a free trial (http://www.volusion.com/free-trial)  which is worth trying.